Food Track

You are what you eat. But where does the food that you take in three times a day – about, let’s say 77,000 times during your life at home or in a restaurant – actually originate from? Where did the walnuts and morello cherries in the strudel grow? Where did the chicken whose egg is in the scrambled eggs scratch the ground (if it scratched and pecked at all)? Whose smokehouse did the sausages hang in before they went into the layered potato and sausage hot pot?

Do you know what you eat?

The City is hungry for the Countryside. We know that the taste of the Countryside is out there somewhere… but where? Some believe in the trademarks created by others, then there are those who believe in organic products, and then again those who believe in the market sellers. We, at Agri Kulti, believe in original tastes and flavours, seasonality and high quality, healthy foods. We believe that total security, transparency and monitoring for full traceability exist in the food chain. Above all, we believe in the farmers: the Countryside is capable of providing for itself and Cities in a sustainable way, with high standards.

Transparency on a participation basis

Between 2011-2014 AGRI KULTI checked out what is worth finding and where in the Hungarian Countryside and identified what exactly whets the appetite of those longing for quality foods. We gained our first experience organizing and operating farmers’ markets all over Hungary.

In 2014 we launched Házikó, which embodies all of our know-how: to this day it is our best rural development idea and the one and only local player in the agro-social sector, growing into a well-known brand without compromises and maintaining our social, environmental and quality principles. HÁZIKÓ draws the Countryside into the City: we work only with farmer-partners controlled by our own quality assurance system and we exclusively use local ingredients. Business-based rural development rolled in a bun.

In 2016 we stepped up to a higher level: we created an innovative, community-supported quality assurance system. We share all our know-how, in exchange we would like to ask you to take part in the quality assurance. What is the city dweller hungry for? What does the chef who believes in ingredients really need? Where does the cream of the countryside grow? Is it really the cream? Taste, evaluate, visit farmers and their farms. Get to know what you eat!


Who does this benefit and why?

MARKET for farmers – market-based quality assurance and development directions, transparent, value-based competition, advertising.

GUIDEBOOK to the best local ingredients – for restaurants, bistros and buffets.

OPPORTUNITIES for individual consumers – for those who really want to take part in the basic event of their lives – three times daily.

NEW CHALLENGES for HÁZIKÓ and AGRI KULTI – rural development live.

A WORTHY ROLE for Nature – nature-friendly and sustainable farming, everyday climate protection.

REVITALIZATION of the Rural Countryside – by finding itself and the City.

The team


Psychologist, Environmental economist. One of the founders of the Budapest-based Szimpla. He has been working on bringing together the Rural and the Urban since 2010: he has launched farmers’ markets in the countryside and in the capital, has given lectures on sustainable rural development at university. He is co-owner of Házikó (launched in 2014), which channels local ingredients into the big city gastronomy using an unique combination of methods and values. The Házikó team received the Delfin award for its sustainable and innovative activitiy in 2016.

Attila KRÁLL

Biologist, ecologist. In the past ten years, he has co-worked with various nature conservation, cultural conservation and regional development organizations. With this background, he has an unique perspective of issues relating to sustainability and sustanable rural development. Currently an expert working for Agri Kulti, he provides insights from a theoretical point of view for Házikó. He is responsible for the development of the current quality assurance system concept.


He holds an MA in geography and environmental protection, is a qualified organic farmer. One of the co-founders of Agri Kulti, the main practical implementer and organizer of the Nagymaros Farmers’ Market and the Szimpla Farmers’ Market – and its engine between 2011-2014: all things down-to-earth and rational led to Mihály. Currently co-owner and managing director of Házikó.He has the most pragmatic experience concerning farmers, products and markets.

Dr. József TÖRÖK

State veterinarian. He has supported the implementation of a number of civil (NGO), not-for-profit research activities with his theoretical expertise and practical field-based insights. Has a firm knowledge of both the legislation requirements and the practical applications. Has given his support to several local farmers’ markets and had a major role in launching the Szimpla Farmers’ Market. He is currently a lecturer of the practice of the hygiene of foodstuffs for foreign students in the English language programme at the University Faculty of Veterinary Science.